Nirvana: Live at Reading

Paul Cowan, Seth Zucker, Kurt Cobain


Paul Cowan shows abstract paintings and a sculpture dealing with themes of rhythm, depth and erasure. Seth Zucker shows a series of prints called "Goodbye Johnny," based on the album art of protopunk guitarist Johnny Thunders. The artist adds, "Patti Smith uses the name 'Johnny' as a stand-in. Everyone is a Johnny." Both exhibit adaptations of their contribution to the sixth issue of The Kingsboro Press. The magazine's editors, Megan Plunkett and Daniel Wagner, will also screen a live set of Nirvana playing at the Reading Festival in 1992. The footage is said to feature the band at its pinnacle. Issues of Kingsboro Press will be available for sale.




Chicago-based Paul Cowan received his BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Golden Age in Chicago, Young Art in Los Angeles, Important Projects in Oakland. Past exhibitions include Green Gallery in Milwaukee, NADA Fair in Miami, The New York Art Book Fair and Milwaukee International Dark Fair at Swiss Institute. Upcoming exhibitions include a group show curated by Golden Age at White Flags in St. Louis and a two-person exhibition at Roots & Culture in Chicago, with Scott Cowan.

Seth Zucker received his BA from Yale University in Fine Art. His work includes photography, publishing, writing and graphic design. He lives and works in New York City.