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Report on 1993: From the Diane Files: Volume One, Ethan Swan 1987-2011 — Fire Island, Miles Houston and Michel Auder Man Ray: Objects de Mon Affection William Wegman, Cat Kron Live at the Hacienda: Mark E. Smith, Tony Wilson, Jon King, and Stewart Home in conversation The End, Noel Freibert All By Myself: 2012-2013 Calendar Do i G Or wHere do I gO, Chip Hughes Don't Say Please: 2013-2014 Calendar Prison Intake: 2014-2015 Calendar A Pictorial History of Sex in Film Nirvana: Live at Reading, West Street Gallery Alley Oop Florentine Gardens Knackers, Alex Glazov KBP Zines Houston Chronicles, Will Boone The Kingsboro Press Anthology Vol. I The New York Times Film Review Grab Bag 1986 Book, Megan Plunkett, Alex Gartenfeld KBP for W/: Pipeline Soft Copy, curated by Clare Wohlnick PWN Beauty, Notes Towards Prophecy 2011, Erik Lindman and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix Photographs, Gus Van Sant Brendan Fowler, Bobbi Woods, Adam Marnie Linder, Jonathan Basile "Friendly and Fun" Never Trust Anyone, curated by Brian Faucette A Brief Series of Quotes, Jordan Awan Milano Chow and Dru Donovan